Dublin 8  Bootcamp


St. James’ Primary School,

Basin Lane,

Dublin 8

Start Date:

January 8th 2022 @10am to 11am

Benefits of Bootcamp Training with Declan

  • 6 Weeks to develop a new habits of training and exercise within a group training session
  • Receive a nutrition guide and home workout circuit
  • Lose weight, burning body fat
  • Develop, tone muscle
  • Improve cardiovascular abilities
  • Improve well-being and overall health
  • Text support with any of training and nutrition questions etc
  • Join a community and meet new people
  • Discount for my training programs online and personal training

Operation Transformation 2022

January will be an opportunity to start your very own Operation Transformation. This can allow you to start the year off by setting up new goals and starting new habits.

This 6 weeks of bootcamp training will coincide with the show being on the air and will help give you the introduction to what it takes to take the first steps in your fitness goals if you are just starting out on your journey. If you are more experienced these sessions can be scaled up for you too, so they are open to all levels of fitness. I am no sergeant major, but will get you working.

This is a great opportunity to get fit and meet new people along the way, in these group training sessions.

Working with me you will not only get your six bootcamp classes, you will also receive a nutrition guide and a home workout circuit that you can do during the week between sessions, to help keep you pushing forward, achieving results and development of new skills and habits.

These workouts will be a base to loosing weight, building up and toning muscle too.

6 Week Bootcamp Fees


These will be 60 minute sessions that will work the whole body , with body weight, resistance and cardiovascular training.

The first and last sessions will include optional weigh ins

Follow one of the following links to your preferred payment option

dublin 8 bootcamp

If you are a teacher or school principal in Dublin 6, 6W, 8,12 and would like to arrange your own private bootcamp for your staff for outside teaching hours after school, in your yard or school hall, this can be arranged, please fill out this contact form.