Dublin City Bootcamp


Join in with FlynnFit Fitness Bootcamp in Dublin 8 this summer for the entire 12 sessions and save €30 !

If the gym is not for you and you would like to find new and fun way to train why not join Declan on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, a great way to unwind after work, destress and be more energized.

Beginners to more experienced, join in as we work the full body,  building strength and improving overall health and well-being.

Push your boundaries and development a new interest in workouts and fitness, with body weight, kettlebell, trx and dumbbells.


Nutritional guide is also available with this to help you get a fresh idea of looking at your nutritional needs. There is an optional food diary that you can complete, by doing this Declan and guide you on minor changes that may help your goals be achieved.

You will also receive a copy of a summer salads cookbook with videos of each meal in how to prepare them, giving you some tasty ideas of what can be done for during the week.

Where we are located

Located in the grounds of St. James National School, Basin View, Dublin 8, which is easy to get to by red line Luas stopping at Fatima. Buses that goes to St. James’ street include 13, 40, 123, alternatively you can get buses to Cork street to beside the Coombe hospital which is a 5 min walk away. These include 27, 56A, 77A, 151, just walk through Maryland and up the hill and you will see the big grey gate open where we are.


FlynnFit Bootcamp is also a LGBTQ+ friendly space.


Those who take part can also avail of discount of online coaching with Declan to help you continue your fitness journey.