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Online coaching allows me to work with you no matter where you are in the world. You can use this for home based workouts or full on gym workouts, both are equally effective and these are tailored to your needs. Using my training app, you get to see your full workouts which are delivered to your phone or tablet. Each workout is accompanied by demonstration video’s of each exercise to follow for correct form. With this you can record each workout and monitor your progress.

This also gives me valuable feedback to guide you through your goals.

With these programmes you get

This information gives me the opportunity to revise your programme if needed or give you extra support. Training packages range from online coaching to personal training at your own home.


Choose my new FlynnFit90 Beginners Home Workout Plan if you are interested in an easy to follow workout at home that requires no equipment and only 3 30 minutes of time to workout weekly

My Training Packages

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online coaching
  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Nutritional guidance with educational tips and suggestions
  • Weekly check in to keep you on track with your training goals
  • Video/ voice note feedback via WhatsApp / Viber or Facebook messenger
  • Train at a time that suits you
  • More affordable for both short and long term commitment
  • Be more energetic, healthier and happier
  • Development of habits that become a lifestyle change for life


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Online coaching allows me to work with you no matter where you are in the world.
Some workouts can be with body weight, but to be more effective if you can include any of the following, it will increase the variety of your training sessions. A suspension trainer, power bands, set of dumbbells, kettlebell, barbell.

Client Reviews

Shenna, Australia

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Online coaching australia

Cormac, Dublin

Online coaching Dublin

Paul, Dublin

Personal Training Wexford
online fitness coach testimonial
“ I cannot recommend Declan highly enough. Authentic support for fitness and nutrition goals from a “real” person! Declan has been there before and understands. I look forward to continuing on the programme with him.”

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“Excellent programmes, gives clear direction on technique to ensure proper form. Gives great tips on modifying home workouts to ensure they remain challenging. Great food tips.”

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“I have been training with Declan for past couple of months. Declan is highly professional and very patient. I am over 40 yrs old female who has never been to a gym before. I was very nervous and wasn’t sure how things will work out. I made a lot of progress and feel really good after the work out. The reason I started training because I was feeling very tired all the time and I also wanted to lose bit of weight as well. As a result of training and a healthy diet I am feeling much better now. I would highly recommend Declan.”

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A teacher from Dublin


Flexible packages to suit all levels and fitness goals