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Online Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Declan Flynn, I understand what it takes to do a weight loss journey I’ve done it, that is why I now want to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Weight loss, building strength or just being more energetic.

Start Today and lets get achieving and getting results!

Online or in person in my personal training studio

in Kilmore, County Wexford

Does this sound like you?

  • Struggling with your diet and getting nowhere!
  • Low energy levels
  • Unhappy with body shape or body confidence
  • Unsure of what way to structure your training
  • Find that doing it alone doesnt work for you and need accountability

Are ready to change?

Lose your first 5-10 lbs

Increase your strength

Feel more Confident

Then Get in touch today!

weight loss online coaching
  • NEW!!! Beginners Home Workout Plan, no equipment required!

  • Online Coaching 4 / 8 / 12 Week Plans are available

  • Training plans are delivered straight to your phone with my app, with a full video library

  • Nutrition guide tailored to your needs weight loss or muscle building

    Tips on lifestyle and daily habits to keep you on track and progressing

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Wexford Bootcamp Saturday Mornings

Declan Flynn Fitness

Personal Training Studio in Kilmore area, Co Wexford

One to one Personal Training

Bootcamps in Wexford

Bootcamps in Wexford

Join Declan for Thursday evening or Saturday Morning Bootcamp in Kilmore Hall, Kilmore Village

Gift Vouchers for personal trainng, bootcamps and online coaching


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online fitness coach testimonial
“ I cannot recommend Declan highly enough. Authentic support for fitness and nutrition goals from a “real” person! Declan has been there before and understands. I look forward to continuing on the programme with him.”

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“Excellent programmes, gives clear direction on technique to ensure proper form. Gives great tips on modifying home workouts to ensure they remain challenging. Great food tips.”

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“I have been training with Declan for past couple of months. Declan is highly professional and very patient. I am over 40 yrs old female who has never been to a gym before. I was very nervous and wasn’t sure how things will work out. I made a lot of progress and feel really good after the work out. The reason I started training because I was feeling very tired all the time and I also wanted to lose bit of weight as well. As a result of training and a healthy diet I am feeling much better now. I would highly recommend Declan.”

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Flexible packages to suit all levels and fitness goals


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