Tasty Low Calorie Snacks

I know you don’t want to be missing out on tasty treats and snacks while you are setting a goal of body recomposition to loose 10-15 lbs and gain muscle, or just loose excess weight, its always good to have a few go to snacks that keep the sweet tooth satisfied, and mentally too you can feel happier by feeling you are not loosing out on regular treats.

I like to say to clients to keep snacks to under ideally when possible under 100 -120 cals each time.

If you have the time to browse your local stores, find your ideal treats then have a quick look to see lower calorie alternatives, in the long run this will help you with your goals.

Modifying and adapting

It is not necessary to make a complete overhaul on everything you like, just some slightly better selection of treats and snacks that work within your goals, and keep you progressing.

Protein Bars

One simple change switch from your regular chocolate bar to a protein bar, just find one or two that hits the spot for you. Calorie wise there isn’t much difference between the likes of a Mars or Snickers to that of a Grenade or FulFil protein bar, but the there would be less sugar and of course more protein.

Protein bars are not necessary to have at any stage but they are handy to have as a fall back pan when on the go or if you feel your protein level for a particular day hasn’t been reached.

Protein balls can be an easy option too and if you give yourself 15 mins you can easily make your own, check out my own recipe for some protein balls.


Who doesn’t like a package of crisps from time to time, but switching to oven baked rather than fried ones will be one easy switch. There are plenty of other options of air popped crisps too with many being under 100 cals per a package.

Popcorn without butter ( even if that tastes sooooo good) is another great option here too.

Cakes and Sweets

Personally I like to use the likes of Fiber Yum bars from Lidl for a little mini cake snack of a chocolate fudge brownie, which are only 80 cals, but there are many varieties of products like these to choose from.

There is more of a selection now of reduced sugar jellies and chocolates now available, these would be best to use to have that quick fix of something sweet say for the cinema and Netflix binge!

We also all enjoy a biscuit with a coffee or tea, something to dunk, so look out for like of coffee biscuits, ginger nuts, rich tea and chocolate thins, chocolate rice cakes.