When we look at the ways we can evaluate what a good work out is, one method is by working with the fat burning heart rate zone. This will show you the level of intensity that you are working out at. This is the optimal level that our body converts fat stores into energy to be used to fuel your workouts. It does this by converting our stored carbohydrates and various types of sugars in our body into glucose for the body to generate energy.

The average person will usually have a heart rate of of 60-100bpm, with children usually that little bit higher of 70-100bpm. At complete rest, doing nothing or sleeping the can drop to 40-60bpm. When you workout, or take part in any vigorous activity, even cleaning the house or just walking, your heart rate will go up and you are using more energy too.

To measure your heart beat per a minute (bpm) use a heart monitor or device like a fitness tracker, Fitbit Garmin Apple Watch. If you dont have one do this.

Find a pulse point either on your wrist or on your neck, use your index finger to feel your pulse, use the second hand of a clock or use a stopwatch on your phone and count the number of beats for 10 seconds then multiply this by 6 this will give you your bpm.

You have different heart rate zones

*Resting heart rate

*Fat burning heart rate

*Cardio heart rate

*Max heart rate

How to calculate your fat burning heart rate

Your fat burning zone is about 70% of your max heart rate.

To work out your max heart rate, you subtract your age from 220 the multiply it by 70%

220- Age = Max heart rate x 70% =

Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone

220-38yrs= 182 x 70%= 127.4

So 127 would be the the optimal heart rate zone for this person. If it is under .5 round it down to the previous full number.

If you are looking at your cardio heart rate zone you will use the following calculation.

220- Age = Max heart rate x 80% =

Cardio zone heart rate

220-38yrs= 182 x 80%= 145.6

So the cardio hear rate would be 146, if its over .5 round it up to the next full number.

How do you achieve this?

This can be done in a variety of ways that suit everyone, walking, jogging, dancing, running, even gardening , the main thing is that you maintain the pace that you do to stay within the zone for it to be effective over a period of time say 30 mins.

One of the other main ways of doing this is by resistance training, this can be with body weight, resistance bands, TRX workouts at home or in a gym setting dumbbells, barbells or machine workouts. The more you can increase the intensity the better you will maintain the fat burning zone.

If you need help with your training and would like some guidance take a look at my online coaching options to see what way we can work together to get you achieving your own fitness goals.

The Mayo Clinic is a great source of information that you can check yourself too as another reference check it out.