Everything in life now is wanted at an incredible fast pace, we want everything now, from the quickest way to travel to fastest way to have a meal. Everything we do at a fast pace can some with a cost, be it financial, quality time for ourselves or with our nearest and dearest.

Fat loss and weight loss is now different in the modern world too to get quick fix results!

The difference between the two is Fat Loss is just about loosing excess body fat, and Weight loss can include muscle mass too. More commonly fat loss is referred to as weight loss though in the real world.

As with all things in life if we are patient and are prepared to put in the effort we can achieve results that are more solid in foundation in habit and they naturally become a lifestyle.

Quick fix results can help lose the weight, but without proper understanding the weight can pile back on without the correct training in exercise and nutrition. Effective weight loss can be done without calorie counting, or by calorie counting it as ever depends on whats best for you.

Calorie Counting vs Not Calorie Counitng

Having an effective measure of what you have be it by numbers of calories, weighing out food or by portion sizes, these methods all work, but not all methods work for every person.

Choose one method that works for you and stick with that. If you want to use calorie counting, use an app like My Fitness Pal or similar, and use a calorie calculator to find out your calorie deficit needs. If you want to know more about this method see my recent blog about it.

If you choose to go by portion sizes, use you hand as your measure for each meal as follows:

Protein 1-2 palm sized amounts

Carbs 1-2 cupped hands

Veggies 1-2 fist sized amounts

Fats 1-2 thumbs sized amounts

My 5 effective tips for weight loss without calorie counting

  1. High protein content for all main meals, Brealfast- lunch and dinner 25-30g per a meal/ fist sized amount, this keeps you fuller for longer, prevents snacking extra.
  2. Ensure you have good fibre in your diet from fruit and veg, eating these will keep you full, as they are high volume low calorie foods, they are filled with micro nutrients that help maintain many functions of the body including muscle repair, hormones and your blood / organs. The non digested fibre in these foods will feed your gut microbs.
  3. Make sure to have 2 to 3 litres of water daily, this can be 4 pints of water or 8 standard glasses. Some people find it helpful to add a reminder to the phone alarm clocks to remind them to drink it. No harm either to add a vitamin C tablet t one of these glasses wither.
  4. Getting out and walking 1 hour a day and have some resistance training even just with power bands will help keep you flexible with better mobility and maintain muscle mass too. See my Youtube video on movements you can do. If you would like to get a programme to get you started and on track check out my online packages, that will help build a routine for you and start getting results.
  5. Rest and Sleep, these two aspects are import to keep your stress levels down, the stress hormone cortisol effects weight loss, so the more you are relaxed the better you will progress will be. Sleep is very underrated for this part of your fitness journey, getting 7-8 hours of sleep will help you go through the sleep cycles the body needs to help the body naturally recover from workouts and general daily activities. This is where you build muscle, not in the gym. Your workouts is where you break down muscle fibres , you sleep is when you rebuild and grow.