Online Mediumship Classes

It may be an odd combination, but aside from doing my fitness work I am also a gardener and Spiritualist medium too.

For over 18 years I have been exploring energy work from psychic practice , Reiki / spiritual healing and of course mediumship. With mediumship I have explored evidential mediumship in readings and public demonstrations but also with trance and physical mediumship, working closely with my spiritual team members of guide and inspirers. It certainly not something I intended to work with but it happened and brought me some very interesting moments in my life and connected me with like minded people around the world.

Teaching Mediumship

I have been honoured to have the privilege of teaching students exploring different aspects of psychic and mediumship skills since 2009, leading me to work in Norway, Uk, Canada and around Ireland. As I got more used to working online with readings myself, I widened my methods to teach people via video calls in groups and one to one settings too. I have witnessed students have moments of elation when they get a deep connection with Spirit and deliver deep emotional connections with evidence behind what they say to validate the Spirit person that is coming through to their loved ones.

I encourage people to work with their abilities in their own unique ways as it is their own special connection with Spirit that is being embraced. What I do with these teachings is show methods that help you achieve these connections. These are the mechanics of mediumship, the routes and methods that can be worked upon, enhancing their existing relationship with the world unseen.

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Soul Sense Series

Join me for my summer Soul Sense Series of classes that are aimed at beginners, to explore working with your soul energy, connecting into your soul senses to work with Spirit.

This is an introductory set of classes touching upon each of spiritual senses of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. We will touch on setting the space for intention of building your sacred bond and start enhancing your connection with your Spirit team.

These sessions will be an overview to the basics to get you set up and understanding the different ways of exploring spirit communication.

The overall plan is to have 4 blocks to this series

  • Introduction- the first set of 6 overview classes
  • Clairsentence – This will be 6 sessions just on working solely on feeling energy, emotive connections and communications
  • Clairvoyance – Next 6 sessions will be concentrating on the inner sight and understanding the visions we receive when doing readings.
  • Clairaudience – Last block of classes will involve listening to Spirit through different methods of communication in an evidential way and a creative way too.

When does it start?

July 12th&14th, 19th& 21st, 26th & 28th

9 pm GMT untill 10.30 pm on each Tuesday and Thursday.

Link to a private Facebook group where we will do our sessions from and we can chat in-between sessions too.

Following three sessions will start from:

August 9th, September 6th and Oct 4th

Oct last two sessions will be on Mon 17th & Wed 19th


Each block of 6 sessions will be €90.

You can purchase each block as stand alone modules or book multiple or all sessions.

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