No baking required!

If you are anyway like me, you want to have a treat with a mug of coffee or tea and still stay on track too with your goals. Then try these homemade protein balls, that are easy to make, very little equipment is required and super quick to put together.

If you have a small food blender that you make smoothies with, then use it to blitz everything. However if you don’t happen to have one, you will need to finely chop up the ingredients before combining them together.

Chocolate & Apricot

Homemade protein balls


70g Lidl fruit and nut mix

35g Apricots

25g Honey

11g Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Double Chocolate whey

What to do!

1.Weigh up your ingredients

2. Blitz in a blender your dry ingredients-fruit and nut mix, apricots and protein powder till they form a sticky crumb

3. Slowly add your honey, 15 g first then gradually add the 10 g to combine it all together

4. Place your mix out onto backing / parchment paper then try evenly diving it up into 4 equal amounts

5. Roll each of the four amounts into balls, till they are well combined and perfectly round.

6. Enjoy!

Macro breakdown

Calories per ball 138 Carbs 16.1 g , Fats 5.7 g, Protein 4.6 g

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What homemade protein balls would you like to try?

Comment below and let me know what combinations you would like to try and I will do my best to make them and show you how its done.