I have been hesitant to include this aspect into my fitness work but, after speaking to a couple of people, included I’ve been encouraged to bring it all together too.

I am not just a little interested in spirituality, I’m very interested in it in fact. Over 15 years I’ve spent exploring spirituality after I discovered psychic medium abilities.

Yes like Six sense film. I CAN SEE, HEAR AND FEEL those in Spirit, when they come to visit.

I know its not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a big part of me.

I’ve explored many aspects of mediumship development, from psychic work to communication with spirit through several methods, bringing evidential communication from loved ones to clients who I don’t know. I’ve worked with reiki and have received reiki master attunement, but I just let spirit do the work through me.

I have worked with clients 121 since 2009 and have worked with audiences over 200 people.

Over the years its lead me working around the UK, Norway, Canada and Ireland 

I’ve received my certificates in Public speaking and Mediumship Demonstrations from Spiritualist National Union and serving their churches and centres when I travel there.

I will being bringing elements like this into my fitness work like meditations and spiritual healing too in time. Both have great therapeutic qualities that help relax and calm body and mind.




Are you interested in Mediumship Development

Are you seeking to understand mediumship and explore your own mediumship development to new levels?

Well I run online development groups every few months and do some limited 1-2-1 training sessions too.

If you email me declanflynnfitness@gmail.com or check out the mediumship development form on the bottom of the About Me page.

You can also check out my youtube channel for mediumship development videos.

With my classes and workshops we explore different methods that help you blend with the world unseen and with those that work for you to create a better bond and connection. This can be through inspired writing or speaking, evidence within your readings and demonstrations, or exploring development of trance mediumship.