Here are 5 essential reasons to choose and online coach, that are easy to see why they are effective to succeeding.

I have been in your situation as to whether or not to go with an online coach, because I too was not sure how someone that has not physically been with me, would know what I need to do, how I should do it and educate me in the best way to achieve my results.

I took a leap of faith and it lead me down the road that I walk today. You can read about this on my About Me page.

Train anywhere!

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With a training plan from an online coach, you can have the opportunity to train at home between your busy work / home life even if its between doing the dinner and putting the kids to bed or if you have the luxury of free time, getting yourself to the gym and using the more extensive range of equipment.

I personally have seen that a lot of progress can be done with minimal equipment and working out from home during lock down workouts in the sitting room. See one of my home workouts on my Youtube channel.


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When you have a coach, you have someone that is in your corner, who is eager to get you to achieve your goals, they want to motivate and inspire you to keep going.

When you have moments that you want to not workout, not stay on track, the thought of reporting back to your coach can be enough to inspire you to GET IT DONE!

Understanding Nutrition

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There can be a minefield of information out there to understand and get into practice with, which can be very confusing. An online coach will work with you on this to get you to understand the basics of what is needed to be implemented, making small gradual changes in your diet that will ultimately lead you on a path of succeeding. Calories, macros, protein intake, supplements and much more.

Have a training plan to work with

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Once you have a training plan is in place you are on track to achieving your goals. You plan be tailored to your individual needs and abilities, so that it is sustainable for you to do week in week out for each training period. There should never be one size fits all type of plan, as you are unique.

A listening ear

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An online coach can be the one that not only supports you from the prospective of your training and nutrition but they can also be there for you as a listening ear too. We may not all be therapists, but we are human and we want clients to get the most of their training experience. Many other live events and happenings can affect your well-being, which in turn effect your training. Your online coach should be able to give you a few words, get you motivated or even just to listen.