Full Body workouts are great!

This energizing full body workout on a Monday is usual workout for me. This allows you to hit all areas of your body that will be hot again during the week with similar movements.

Deadlift variation of a rack pull I have used here.

Workout breakdown as follows.

Reps x sets Rackpull 10x 3, then gone heavier 5 x 2 90 secs rest

Kettlebell press 8 x3 superseted with Barbell landmine row 10 x 3 60 secs rest

Barbell rotation 20 x 3 (10 each side ) Barbell landmine press 10 x 3 both sides 60 secs rest

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Benefits of Full body workouts!

If you are in a rush, hitting multiple muscle groups with compound movements is the best thing you can do, they will make sure all areas are hit, and will maximize your amount of calories burnt off in the session.

Hitting big compound movements like deadlift, bench press, squats, over head press, landmine row, kettlebell press, will ensure an effective workout.

I have included barbell rotation for core work, but it also can act as a cardio element too as you rotate.

Compound movements will increase the heart rate more then isolation movements like a bicep curl or tricep dip.

Full Body is great for weight loss workouts, especially when you are tight for time with a busy schedule.

You always start of the workout will the compound movements first, with the most taxing one first before doing any isolation movements.

I would certainly look at incorporating these days into workout newbies , as it helps to ease you into a training habit. Overall it will work out that each area of the body will be targeted two or three times a week.

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