Weight Loss for Women

Weight loss for women does not need to be difficult, just stick to some basic practices and add in a little time and commitment and you can achieve your fitness goals with easy!

Yes it can take a few weeks to get in the foundations to your target weight, but once you develop a new routine, work along your fitness coach for guidance and training you will get there.

Do I need to cut out all the foods I enjoy?

Absolutely not!

All you need to do is use one of the methods to monitor/ track your food / drinks intake, be in some form of moderation and then anything you want to have can still be enjoyed. Check out my cook books for some tasty treats. These are all included with each training plan.

Remember your Cycle

Your menstrual cycle over the month would not effect your actual body weight changes but it can effect your cravings for certain foods. water balance and general energy levels that may cause changes to how you perform during your weight loss period.

It is important to monitor your calorie consumption to some degree, as you need to maintain a healthy amount of calories to provide energy to the body for daily activities, along side working out. If you go into the territory of very low daily calorie diets that you see on social media, there can be other unhealthy side effects like, not losing weight, moodiness as a result changes to hormonal levels, deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients and even effecting your ovulation cycle.

Once you are working out effectively, having a balanced diet that is nutrient rich, filling and enjoyable, you will be on track to loosing your first few pounds.

If you are approaching the menopause, then it is completely normal for some weight gain as your hormonal changes create a different balance in your body, but this can be worked with, through your training.

5 Key aspects to loose your first 5lbs

  • Use a calorie calculator to workout your calorie deficit target daily
  • Increase your protein intake to 1.5-2 grams/ per kg of body weight
  • Drink 2 litres of water daily minimum
  • Weight training is key- bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, power bands, barbells, machine weights – just ensure you hit each part of the body at least twice a week, so all muscle groups are being targeted
  • Walk 7-10,000 steps daily

Do I need to be in the gym?

No you certainly don’t have to be a gym member, you can do so much of this from your own home, office or garden!

Do you need help and support you get on on your way?

Would accountability and support help you get there?to loose your first few lbs?

Why not be like Grace that you see above here, listen to how she has got on with her training and nutrition, she has now gone further and lost an amazing 18.5lbs, all with workouts from home during lock down with limited equipment, while also not restricting herself from her favourite foods and drinks.

Don’t delay on getting started, Grace did 24 weeks of training to get these results in a very comfortable manor. Check out my online coaching options to see what suits you?

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