Weight Loss Meals

In today’s busy world we can have the habit of trying to have quick fix solutions and to get them without thinking too much.

Weight loss meals are no different, when you start a weight loss journey you may think the getting yourself organised on the nutritional side of things will be the most difficult part if the process, it can be if you are resistant to change. I know, I have been through it myself, so I understand where you are coming from. Read about my own story on the about me page.

When you let yourself an opportunity to plan ahead a little and think an little longer the process for your weight loss goals can be a very simple and easy one to do. I have some easy to follow cookbooks you can use, see them here.

Planning ahead

Its all very daunting where to begin?

Keep it simple, plan one or two meals ahead of what you may have if you are looking to do something different for each meal.

Another way is to make slightly larger portions of lunch so that it can be for dinner too or lunch the next day, so you have less to worry about later on.

If you want to be a little but more savvy, using the like of a slow cooker where you can batch cook 4-6 meals and that could be a weeks worth of dinners done on the weekend with minimum effort in the cooking process, plus only one clean up too required.

One of my own methods is to have a set mixtures of food that i know well will meet my daily goals and I rotate through those, for instance I have 4 different go to breakfast options, below you can see a smaple of these.

Breakfast Options

  • 3-4 Eggs boiled / fired or poached
  • 3 Turkey or chicken sausages on toast
  • 6 Turkey rashers on toast
  • 100 g Smoked salmon

Lunch Options

  • 125 g cooked Ham/ turkey or chicken with salad or sandwich / wraps
  • 400 g Lasagne
  • Turkey burgers
  • Low fat Beef burgers

Dinner Options

  • Lasagne
  • Pizza, but selected to fit macros
  • Round steak, veg
  • Stir frys beef/chicken/ turkey
weight loss meal
Weight loss meal


To stay consistent and make you run the course to achieving your ultimate goal, don’t totally remove the foods you enjoy, this will not make any weight loss journey enjoyable. If it fits in your your macros or you understand how to balance it out over all , over a meal/ day/ week that what matters.

Nutrition in Key!

Yes training is a big part of where you will burn off calories, build strength and make you feel great, but the food you eat and the planning you do on this side will be the biggest part to take care of. Try not to drink your calories, switch from sugary drinks to low fat or zero, increase water intake.


With alcohol try light beers, gin/ vodkas with slimline tonics. You can still have a drink, as always don’t be excessive. You can undo all the good you have done during the day with meals and snacks by adding in extra calories from just alcohol. Every 1 g of alcohol is 7 calories.


If you are interested in getting a training and nutritional plan together to aid your weight loss journey then get in touch by whatsapp below, check out my training plan packages.